Nasa models

Desktop Airplane Models. Commercial Airline Models. The Chuck Yeager Collection. Private Aviation Models. US Military Aircraft Models. German Aircraft Models. Foreign Military Aircraft. Special Interest Models. Presidential One Aircraft. Signed Warplane Models. Helicopter Models. Custom Order Models. Herpa Diecast Models.

Air Command Diecast. Corgi Diecast Models. Mahogany Wall Plaques. Site Search. If you can't find what your looking for click here for Custom Space Models. Not for children under 3 years. You can choose the designation. Limited Quantities Available! Some models can take up to two or three months for delivery, depending upon present availability.

Production is limited so please buy and order now to ensure your model out of the next production run. We will contact you via email to let you know the window of time on your delivery. However, in some cases they will be backordered. In the event of a backorder we will notify you via email on the status of your delivery time.

Thanks for your patronage! Click Here For Purchasing Info.We have converted some of our models to. Check out the current set of printable models. Currently hosting models. Sort by Name Sort by Date. Advanced Crew Escape Suit. Agena Target Vehicle.

nasa models

Apollo 11 Landing Site. Apollo 12 Landing Site. Apollo 14 Landing Site. Apollo 15 Landing Site. Apollo 16 Landing Site. Apollo 17 Landing Site.

Apollo Lunar Module. Apollo Soyuz. Ares 1. Aristarchus Region. Asteroid Vesta. Asteroid Vesta East. Asteroid Vesta West. Astronaut Glove.

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Atmosphere-Space Transition Region Explorer.As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases from the links on this site.

Thanks for your support. There are few organizations that have done so much for mankind more than NASA. As far as exploring goes, they've literally been around the Solar System a few times. There are many scale models of NASA spaceships, as well as spacecraft from other countries.

The massive Saturn V, the most powerful rocket mankind has ever built. The early missions, with the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo series to the moon. You can just about build the entire history of NASA with model kits.

Nasa, Rockets, and Spaceship models. Some of the most sophisticated machines ever built for space flight.

nasa models

Celebrate the achievements of Man in Space with these great scale model kits. Scale Model Life. Apollo Saturn V Rocket. Mercury Atlas Rocket. Apollo Saturn V. Redstone Rocket.

First Lunar Landing. MIR Space Station. Apollo Saturn V Rocket. X37B Orbital Test Vehicle. Boeing CST Starliner. Project Vanguard Satellite. Mercury Spacecraft. Lego Saturn V.In Octoberthe Voyage Scale Model Solar System opened in Washington, DC, displaying a one to ten billion scale of the sizes of the Sun and planets, and the distances between them. In this lesson, students will replicate the Voyage model to experience the size of the solar system.

Published: November 27, The Seven Sisters meet the evening star, Mars continues its getaway, and unpacking the Moon illusion. A curated just-for-kids NASA video playlist. What's Up for March?

Scale Models

What's Up: March [Video]. What's Up: February [Video]. Candor Chasma in central Valles Marineris is filled with light-toned layered deposits thought to be sandstones. Sandstone in West Candor Chasma. A relatively young, ice-filled crater near the north pole of Mars. Ice-Filled Crater. The geocentric phase, libration, position angle of the axis, and apparent diameter of the Moon throughout the year Moon Phase and Libration, What's Up for January? Morning meteors, Mars meets its "rival," and the Moon comes around for another visit with Venus.

What's Up: January [Video]. Stair-Stepped Hills. What can you see in the December sky? Beautiful pairings of planets and the crescent Moon throughout the month, at sunrise and sunset.Right now, there are several spacecrafts exploring our Universe.

You can build paper versions of many of them right here on Earth. Paper modeling - or card modeling - is the art of constructing things with only colored, cut and folded pieces of paper. To help in constructing each model, you will need the free Adobe Reader to print the instructions and model parts. A link to adobe. Remember: Spacecraft construction is a team activity. Get some friends and an adult to pitch in on the mission. Now pick a ship to start your space fleet or click on the spacecraft name to find out what the mission is all about.

As one of the most sophisticated x-ray observatories ever built, it observes x-rays from high-energy regions of the Universe. The observatory helped astronomers learn about the most powerful celestial bodies and events in the Universe. It observed gamma-ray bursts, and high temperature emissions from black holes.

This Model is Rated: Easy 1. It is studying the cosmos looking at object that emit high energy wavelengths of light. It is the product of two decades of research and development by 10, scientists and engineers at various NASA centers, private companies, universities, and the European Space Agency. The purpose of Hubble is to study the cosmos from low-Earth orbit. It has extremely accurate 3-D representations of details ranging from the cryocoolers to handrails. It reflects the state of the telescope after Servicing Mission 3B, which took place in March Kepler has discovered over confirmed exoplanets including some in the habitable zone of their stars.

This Model is Rated: Easy The mission will also improve our understanding of asteroids that could impact our planet. It arrived at Bennu in and will return a sample to Earth in RXTE completed sixteen years of observations before being decommissioned in Spitzer detects infrared energy, or heat, radiated by objects. This Model is Rated: Moderately Challenging This Model is rated: Moderately Challenging 1.

Surveyingof the brightest stars near the sun, TESS will discover thousands of transiting exoplanets. Chandra X-Ray Telescope.

nasa models

Compton Gamma Ray Observatory. Gravity Probe B. Recommended Articles. May 11, Stellar Thief Is the SurvivingTry to limit the announcements to keep them useful. Enter your announcement details below, including when you would like it to become active and expire. By default, announcements will become active immediately and expire in 7 days. Welcome, Guest Login Username:? Remember Me. Search for: Search. Add a new announcement. Subject What is the title or subject of your announcement?

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NASA Rocket Models

Popular Tags. Modeling Guru 's combined forums and knowledge base is becoming a repository for the accumulated expertise of NASA's scientific modeling community. All NASA modelers and associates are encouraged to participate and help us fill the "holes" in our modeling knowledge. Disclaimer: While this is a government resource, it is not totally screened for content. By accessing this site, you agree to use it at your own risk.

Become a Registered Member and Login Today! Registration offers you a number of benefits, including being able ask questions, contribute your expertise, and receive email notifications. New to Modeling Guru?Only 5 left in stock - order soon. This model isn't a toy, it's a display piece. The model is superbly detailed in every respect with the two hatches being able to be removed so that you can see inside to the astronauts couches and intrument panels as well.

The model comes with a nice display stand that is a replica of the actual display stands that the national aerospace museum in Washington DC use to display the actual craft. Add to cart. Revell Space Shuttle Discovery. In stock. I built this model over Christmas break.

I'm Loved models as a kid. I looked all over for a good shuttle model. I purchased another model before I got this one, but took it back This model of the shuttle goes together well, typical Revell quality. Some model building experience is definitely needed if you want it to turn out really nice. I used 5 colors of paint, and typical plastic model cement not included.

Spray paint works best for the larger pieces. The many decals were very detailed I used all of them. The decal color bands around the booster rockets add a great look. The detail is very good, and the instructions were excellent.

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